Freezer Beef


We have beef available seasonally by the ¼ up to a whole and any quarter fraction in between. Our cattle are purchased between 300 and 500 lbs from local cattlemen. They are grazed on pasture when available or fed hay. A grain ration is hand fed twice daily to supplement the forages and keep the cattle gentle. We like to call this forage grown and grain finished. This provides a balanced diet for excellent health of the cattle and allows them to efficiently convert feedstuffs to tender, flavorful, well marbled beef to give our customers the best eating experience. Cattle are processed at a local state inspected locker. Our cattle are never given growth implants or therapeutic antibiotics while on our farm. All feed is produced here on our farm with the exception of a natural protein supplement and a vitamin/mineral supplement.

Why buy beef from us….

  • Buying in bulk is cheaper than buying individual cuts
  • Freedom to choose how you want your beef processed
  • More tender and flavorful then any beef in the super market
  • Consistent supply of high quality beef
  • Know where and how your beef was raised
  • Support a local farm and community!

Contact us for pricing and availability of locally raised grain finished beef!