Frequently Asked Questions - Freezer Beef

How do I reserve a side of beef?

Contact us direct! A non-refundable deposit of $100 PER QUARTER will reserve your side of beef. We will also need the buyer's name and contact info.

What does a quarter of beef cost?

Price is per pound based on hanging weight, which is provided to us by the locker. A quarter typically runs in the $400-500 range depending on the size of animal. In addition, you will pay the locker for processing. Processing varies greatly depending on how you choose to have your quarter processed. Basic processing typically runs between $120-160 for a quarter.

What is hanging weight?

Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass after all the hide, organs, and undesirable parts are removed and hung in the cooler.

Is buying beef by the quarter cheaper than buying beef at the store?

Yes! After all expenses have been paid, you will have approximately $5/lb invested in ready-to-prepare beef. That includes hamburger, roasts, steaks, whatever cuts you choose, for only $5/lb!

What locker do you use?

We book locker dates and take cattle to the Edgewood Locker. All cutting instructions MUST be given to the locker BEFORE the slaughter date! We strongly encourage you to contact the knowledgeable staff at Edgewood Locker regarding any processing questions you may have.

If you have a preferred locker within reasonable driving distance of Independence, Iowa, we may deliver to that locker for an additional fee. Please contact us for more information regarding other options.

Why does it take two weeks to get my beef after the animal is taken to the locker?

The carcass is dry aged in the cooler for two weeks. This allows the meat to naturally breakdown muscle tissue to provide tender, flavorful, well textured meat for the best eating experience.

When I buy a quarter do I get a front or hind quarter?

A quarter is a split half, so you will get cuts of meat from both the front and hind quarter.

How many pounds of meat are in a quarter beef?

A quarter will yield approximately 105-125 lbs of meat in your freezer, depending on carcass size and how you chose to have it processed.

Why do you feel your beef is better than beef from the supermarket?

Our cattle are hand fed twice daily. This provides them the nutrition for optimum growth to finish at 13-14 months of age. We finish them on corn grown here on our farm to produce well marbled, tender, flavorful beef. We interact with our cattle everyday which keeps them calm and easy to handle. Low stress cattle handling techniques are used to sort, move, and load cattle. Cattle are loaded at our farm and unloaded at the locker in an hour or less. After processing, the meat is packaged, froze, and ready to go in your freezer to enjoy. Simply put, our cattle are raised in a low stress, efficient manner, and go from our farm to your freezer in just over two weeks with no preservatives added to extend shelf life and degrade your eating experience!