Welcome to Johnston Creek Beef!


What is Johnston Creek Beef?

Johnston Creek Beef is located in the rolling hills of Eastern Iowa. We pride ourselves in producing high quality grain finished Angus beef. Our family has been enjoying our beef for years and now you can too! We have a few different purchasing options to meet your needs. We have beef shares available seasonally.  Our beef share program allows you to purchase a ¼, ½ or whole animal to be custom processed to your specifications. We also sell individual retail cuts and bundles on our farm. This gives you the option to purchase as little as one pound of hamburger to buying in bulk to fill your freezer for the year!


Why buy our beef?

When you purchase from Johnston Creek Beef you can rest assured you will be purchasing a sustainably raised, high quality product. We take pride in knowing that from the time the cattle arrive on our farm to the time they leave our farm to feed your family, they have received the highest standard of care. Our cattle are grain finished. However, they spend the majority of their lives consuming forages on pasture during the growing season or hay during the winter months. It is not until the last few months before processing that they consume a grain based diet, creating a well marbled, tender, flavorful product.


How we got here...

The farm was purchased in 1960 by George and JoAnn Johnston. Over the past 50 plus years, the farm has seen a wide array of livestock and in the later years, evolved into a mid-sized conventional corn and soybean operation. In 2010 George passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer. Today the farm is managed by George and JoAnn’s grandson, Jacob. This gave blossom to the name Johnston Creek Farms. Jacob grew up on his parents' dairy farm and attended Northeast Iowa Community College majoring in Dairy Science. The dairy herd was liquidated in 2012, but Jacob’s love for cattle did not end there.  Today the operation is mainly composed of a beef operation, Johnston Creek Beef. We have been direct marketing our grain finished beef to individuals via ¼, ½, ¾ or whole for over a decade. In addition, we also sell individual cuts to better meet our customers’ needs. Please browse around our website to learn more about Johnston Creek Beef and what we have to offer!